postpass Horseback Riding In Israel

Horseback Riding In Israel

Horseback Riding In Israel agency provides horseback riding attractions and experience throughout Israel.

Our stables are located all around the country, allowing you to choose from a variety of 5 different stables.

Riding a horse in the wonderful views and nature of Israel can be a perfect way to feel and enjoy the holy land.

Horseback Riding In Israel

Our services include riding as a part of a group, private riding, riding for children, and more. We also specialize in romantic riding, where dinner and wine are included.


Northern Israel

Dubi's Ranch

Dubi's Ranch is located in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe, surrounded with forests and hills. The ranch is known for its unique style and atmosphere

Phone: 052-9097121

Hava BeAhava

Located in Moshav Ofer on the Carmel mountains. Riding in the Carmel mounts allows you to enjoy the great view of forests, hills. You can even watch the sea here and there.

Phone: 052-9097192

Central Israel

Havat HaMealef

The farm is located in Moshav Sitriyya, near the city of Rehovot. The area is known for its orchards and fields.

Phone: 052-9097175

King David Ranch

The ranch is closed on weekends. Located in Moshav Yad HaShmona, 15 minutes from Jerusalem by car.

Phone: 052-9097155

Southern Israel

Havat HaRoim

Situated in Moshav Revaha, close to the cities of Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat. The ranch is surrounded with large open areas of fields and hills.

Phone: 052-9097184